Be One Of The First To GROW VANILLA in Malaysia


Be One Of The First To GROW VANILLA in Malaysia

Originally native to Central America, vanilla cultivation used to be restricted to certain countries due to the weather, infrastructure, technology and labor-intensive nature. At Kairos Agriculture, we made it possible to cultivate vanilla and achieve its potential right here in Malaysia.

Increase Production With AI, Without Spending More

Vanilla is the world’s second most expensive spice. Its demand often exceeds the supply. With innovation and technology, Kairos Agriculture’s smart farm can generate up to 43% more than the average yield compared to a traditional 2-acre vanilla farm. The same approach will be used for other organic produce.

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An Easier Way To Get Farming Help

Offering farmers access, help and advice to vanilla and organic farming.

About Kairos Agriculture

Kairos Agriculture envisions to be the leading chemical-free integrated farm in Asia and a role model for young people to participate in agriculture through smart farming as a way to increase and diversify Malaysia’s farm exports.

Meeting The Rising Demand For Vanilla

Kairos Agriculture is more than just a vanilla farm. We have the technology and know-how to cultivate top-quality vanilla products.

Bringing Joy From Our Farm To Your Table

Besides vanilla, we provide organically farmed and sustainably produced food for the local community too through our Vanilla Café. Taste top-quality beverages, desserts and dishes made using Malaysia-grown vanilla harvested straight from our farm.

Bringing Joy From Our Farm To Your_Table

Our Partners

We partner with organizations to implement projects that have a significant impact on Malaysia’s agriculture industry and the community.

Research on tissue culture and increasing plant growth rate and yield.


Research on the LED spectrum to promote optimum seed growth.


Innovate the agriculture landscape while improving the well-being of the community.


Research on high-value crops technology.


Address current and future social and environmental challenges.

tbn asia

Support on business model, strategy, operations and personal development.


Provide job opportunities and empower every individual to excel at their highest level.

Digital Penang
digital penang

Help local businesses to grow locally and internationally.

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Our Social Responsibility

We are committed to make positive long-term impacts on our local communities through various outreach programs.
Feed The_Poor

Feed The Poor

One of the key goals of Feed The Poor is to feed the poor and homeless people of Penang. We work alongside Feed The Poor to ensure nutritious food is available for those in need.

Job For_Marginalised

Job For

Marginalized communities are often left on their own to make ends meet. The program makes it easier for us to be more accessible to them as well as provide meaningful and purposeful jobs.

Our Awards & Recognition

These awards reflect the things we do to make a difference on the job, agriculture industry and our community.
Our Awards &_Recognition
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Latest News

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Be a Part of a Growing Vanilla Farming Community

Vanilla farming is a new venture in Malaysia, and there has been a growing interest in it due to the rise in consumer demand and the price for top-quality vanilla. Come join us in our mission to turn Malaysia into a thriving vanilla plantation hub.