Frequently Asked Questions

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What species of Vanilla does KAIROS cultivate?

arrow-right The Vanilla we cultivate are of the two most productive varieties of vanilla in the world – Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla Tahitensis.

Is my KAIROS investment fund guaranteed?

arrow-right Yes. Our goal is to offer licensing programs that minimise the risk for our partners. KAIROS’s guaranteed fund plan stipulates that after five years, if you want to exit, you can claim 75% of your funds back.

Are the Vanilla plants susceptible to pests?

arrow-right Our Vanilla plant species have a very strong immune system and are unlikely to be harmed by pests. However, moths may pose a minimal threat to Vanilla plants. Therefore, we have developed special container traps for moths to reduce the risk of pest damage.

Where is the KAIROS Vanilla farm located? And, can I visit the farm?

arrow-right Our farm is located in Permatang Pauh Agro Park, Pulau Pinang. Yes, we have a dedicated farm gallery area for visitor viewing. There is also a Vanilla Cafe by Kairos adjacent to the farm serving premium vanilla latte, vanilla Ice-cream and variety choices for customer.

If a natural disaster destroys the Vanilla farm, what assurance does KAIROS provide?

arrow-right Each farm is fully insured by our insurance provider and secured under full coverage that includes natural disaster damages.

What happens if my Vanilla plants perish?

arrow-right If your Vanilla plants perish, we will remove the faulty seedlings and begin the replanting process again.

Once the agreement is signed, how long will it be before I see the returns?

arrow-right Distribution of returns will start after one (1) year following the date of the signed agreement