How much & how often to water my Space Garden?

  • ~500ml per time
  • 2 times per week

What should I use to water the Space Garden?

  • Spray bottle; or
  • Gently pour the water evenly throughout the Space Garden

What water can I use for the Space Garden?

  • Drinking water
  • Rice water, left overnight
  • Room temperature

What fertilizer can I use for the Space Garden?

DO NOT input fertilizer into the Space Garden - it will upset the soil balance and kill the ecosystem.

Why are the vegetables in my Space Garden dying?

  • Lack of sunlight
  • Flooding
  • Fertilizer input
  • Lid open too often

Where is the best place to put my Space Garden?

  • Area with FULL SUN
  • Away from other plants
    (eg. potted plants/grass)

How long should I open the Space Garden?

Minimally. Only open for harvest - otherwise, keep the Space Garden closed at all times.

Why does my Space Garden have pests?

Minimally. Only open for harvest - otherwise, keep the Space Garden closed at all times.

Which part of the vegetables can I eat?

The whole plant is edible. Younger stems can be eaten if you like. Older stems can be replanted in your Space Garden.

How to restore my deteriorating Space Garden?

Please refer below:


  • Do not harvest for a week.
  • Do not sprinkle daily.

Ensure both holes at the bottom sides are open for water drainage.

Immediate remedy

  • Remove ALL yellow & brown plants from Space Garden.
  • Obtain cuttings from healthy plants inside the Space Garden, and replant at now vacant spot. Sprinkle water at newly planted spot.
  • Do not open Space Garden for a week, allow the plants to rejuvenate once again under sun.
  • Newly planted cuttings will undergo plant-shock for a few days, but will rejuvenate shortly.

How to remove the white stuff on the plant?

The white things you see are most likely mealy bugs, a common garden pest. Please refer to the following pages.

Cut out the leaves and stems that has the mealy bugs. Make sure you remove all yellow and browning leaves; as they will weaken the plant and make it susceptible to more pest attacks. Continuously monitor and remove to prevent infestation.

Plantlets that had the bug are still safe to eat after washing.

How to prevent mealy bugs on the plant?

Purchase 100% pure Neem Oil (usually sold in saundry shops). Add 1ml (or 4-5 droplets) of the Neem Oil into 500ml of water, sprinkle some baking soda into the solution, and mix.

Spray the mixture over the vegetation in your Space Garden. The neem oil is a natural pest-deterrent.

Will the Space Garden grow with only a little sunlight?

Sunlight is VERY IMPORTANT for the plants to grow healthily and complete its maturity stage AND support the microbes in the soil to continuously generate the vegetables for you.

Kindly DO NOT COMPROMISE on sunlight when choosing a location to place your Space Garden.

I harvested until 'botak'. What should I do?

No worries. As long as the soil has moisture, the microbes will continue to work to regenerate the vegetables.

Spray the soil with 500ml water, and close the Space Garden for a week. Check to see if new leaves emerge. If yes, repeat the step, until your box is lush again. Do not harvest until maturity.