Kairos Story Box

Enjoy Different Varieties of Natural Farm Fresh Wholesomeness with your Story Box!

Wouldn't it be great to have a constant supply of a variety of natural farm fresh vegetables delivered to your doorsteps? But no, it's not wishful thinking anymore now that you have the Story Box!

Whether you are going to make salad or ulam straight from the box or have it prepared according to your favourite recipes, Story Box guarantees to come along with fresh, natural organic wholesomeness...

Produce Delivery That Supports
Our Local Farms

A story of a mini urban farm that started in Kuching, East Malaysia since 2017 where mushrooms, vermi-compost and vanilla were cultivated. The aim was to empower single moms and OKUs. This journey is now continuing in Penang when Kairos Agriculture was founded in 2019. Today, a natural cash crop farm of fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices is established alongside our vanilla farm, aquaponic farm and a full ecosystem of microbes, enzymes, vermi-compost (worms)

Get Your Story Box today - a wonderful way to give back and invest in local farms. 

Buy Local, Buy Fresh!

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Surprise in Every Story

Getting our produce from local farmers would mean we change our STORY BOX vege menu constantly to source what is freshest and in season, so that you will receive the most delicious fruits and vegetables available with our produce delivery service.

What's included in our Story Box

Option to remove
produce from
your delivery and create a
"never send" list

Flexibility to cancel 


whenever you want

Ability to add artisan farm
products like fresh eggs,
pickled veggies,
honey and jams

A newsletter with recipes,
stories from our farm,
produce tips and event

Convenient delivery 

straight to

your doorsteps
*only available in Penang

Why Story Box?

The Story Box is an economic empowerment project by the needy

The Story Table is a collaborative project by local organic or natural farmers

The Story Box is a food security & health initiative project for ALL

The Story Box is a public education platform for healthy lifestyle