Space Garden Organic Terrarium Box: Fresh Vegetables At Your Fingertips

RM 1.00/Day Fresh Organic Vegetables

Grow vegetables right off your garden/balcony and taste the freshness from "farm" to table! Homegrown vegetables taste better than anything you can purchase in the produce department of your grocery store because you get to harvest them the moment you want to consume them...

Why Space Garden?

  • Fresh Organic Vegetables right in your house.
  • Close to ZERO maintenance. Just water 2-3 times/week.
  • Uses 95% less water!
  • Self-contained box. You can place the box anywhere as long as there's enough sunlight.
  • High in antioxidant & packed with micronutrients and trace minerals.
  • Harvest weekly for your fresh vegetables.
  • Proprietary technology ensures box will continue producing vegetables for at least a year.
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Plant Yourself Space Garden From the Market
Low Per Serving Cost
No labour required
No Pesticides
No large space required

You just need to pay RM365 and the box will last you 1 year.

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Care instructions

Water 2-3 times a week with drinking water or rice water (500ml each time)

DO NOT add any fertilizers

Keep the lid closed at all times - open ONLY to water or havest

DO NOT leave the lid open for more than 5 minutes

When harvesting, cut the stem and leave >7cm of the plant above soil level

Eat the leaves, dispose of the stems. You may also opt to replant the stems into the terrarium

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Healthy vegetables
the easy way

Organic Vegetables

Enjoy organic vegetables, planted
in an enclosed terrarium


Minimal watering in nutrient-dense soil
protected from pests & diseases


Place the box in any area of the
house that will receive sunlight