Return & Refund Policy

Space Garden - Organic Vegetable Terrarium Box (includes Brazilian Spinach, Red Watercress and Sayur Manis)  

We offer 3 months warranty that covers the following conditions : 

1) If the vegetables could not grow or the vegetables die prematurely within the first 3 months of purchase, we will repair the contents of the box (ie replace the soil and vegetable seedlings while maintaining the use of the same box). The box and its contents will need to be returned to us for checking and verification before we will proceed with repairing the contents of the box. 

2) Item (1) above is subject to the terms that the Space Garden - Organic Vegetable Terrarium Box has NOT been tampered with and that user follows the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) that was provided when it comes to growing the vegetables. 

3) We will NOT accept a returned box that has been tampered with whereby user DID NOT FOLLOW the SOP. 

Examples of tampering : 

i) adding own fertilizer to the soil in the box

II) adding own or other types of soil into the box

iii) over-watering the soil 

iv) watering the soil with contaminated water (other than rice water or filtered water that was stipulated in the SOP)

v) adding other types of plant seeds into the box

4) We offer a 1-to-1 exchange in the event that the box has not been tampered with and returned to us of which we will replace it to the buyer at the farm. 

5) If the buyer chooses to ship back the box to us, the shipping charge will be borne by the buyer along with the return shipping cost. 

6) We DO NOT offer any refund for unopened or unused Space Garden - Organic Vegetable Terrarium Box after purchase and shipping. 

7) We DO NOT accept any return for unopened or unused Space Garden - Organic Vegetable Terrarium Box after purchase and shipping.

Please contact us FIRST before proceeding to ship back any Space Garden - Organic Vegetable Terrarium Box. 

Mushroom Growing Kits 

We offer a full box replacement in the following conditions : 

1) No mushrooms could grow out at all from the mushroom grow kit after following the steps of watering the kit

2) Mushrooms that grew out from the mushroom grow kit were NOT the same type of mushrooms that were supposed to grow out from the box

Replacement mushroom grow kits will be shipped to your delivery address upon buyer providing proof of mentioned conditions in item 1 and 2 above

We do not offer any refund or accept any returns for the mushroom grow kits.