Smart Vanilla Farm

You Can Now Own a Piece of Malaysia's First Smart Vanilla Farm

Producing natural vanilla that we have all grown to love in our desserts and pastries is a time consuming and labour intensive process. Due to this fact, vanilla is priced as the second most expensive spice, after saffron.

Introducing Malaysia's First Smart Vanilla Farm located in Permatang Pauh Agropark, which uses agriculture technology 4.0. Our i4.0 Smart Vanilla Farm makes vanilla growing much less labour intensive and also increases the harvest by constantly optimizing the environment for maximum growth for our vanilla plants.

You can now own a Vanilla module and enjoy the high yield opportunity!

You Own It
We Grow It
Hassle Free!

  • Own the Vanilla Module and leave all the nurturing work to us.
  • Earn up to 489% return over a 15 year period.
  • Hassle-Free 15 years contract agreement.
  • A professional and experienced team to manage the farm.
  • I4.0 Smart Vanilla Farm technologies ensures the right control on temperature, humidity, nutrition and water level to optimize growth.


As featured in the Malaysia Book of Records as the first Smart Vanilla Farm

Finalist for Category 12 - Responsible Production & Consumption

Our 4.0 Agriculture Technology System

Internet-of-things technology

Artificial intelligence

Big data application

Machine Learning

Nano Technology

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